Brazil’s ‘Go Outside Magazine’ Features Jay’s Art


Thanks to Brazil’s GoOutside Magazine for doing a feature on Jay’s Surf Art in their June 2009 issue.  Seen here is Jay’s painting, “High and Mighty” .  Since we don’t speak Portuguese , we’re hoping it says good stuff  :-)

June 2009 Issue Featuring Jay Alders Surf Art

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  1. Artur

    Hey man, i’m a brazilian fan! I noticed you were in trouble about the text so i decided to translate it sou you can understand. Here it is:

    “I think all sports are guided by the same emotions: passion and challenge” says Jay Alders, 36 years old artist. Jay doesn’t hold himself on exacts proportions and that’s why he gives the waves, surfers, skateboarders and snowboarders surreal forms. This style gives Jay fans all around the world. “I think it’s fascinating receive a picture of some of my painting in the house of some collector” tells the artist who has sold a painting for US$25 thousand. Collaborator in humanitarian and environmental causes, recently donated two pieces of work to Art Gala, anual festival of music and art that takes place in California. The amount earned with the sale of tickets and Works is given to Surfrider Foundation, Global organization that fights for the preservation of marine ecosystems.

    Hope it help.
    See ya

  2. Maria Brophy

    I’ve translated it for you, too, Jay. It says something like “Jay Alders will be written about in art history books one day….”

    Something like that. Congrats on getting in that mag. It’s a good one!

  3. Jay Alders

    Maria…you’re so awesome! hah :) thank you..
    I hope to be next to the history book page with you and Drew :)

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