“There is no one like Jay who captures the pure essence of surfing and music in a painting! Jay is a true genius with the brush,and I am always excited to see his new work!!!”

Donavon Frankenreiter, Professional Surfer and Musician

G Love and Jay Alders

“I first met Jay Alders on a surf art and music tour in Brazil in 2007 and I’ve been a fan of his art ever since. I feel Jay captures the energy and vibe of surfing and the surf community.  Jay’s pieces hang with pride on our walls and are always twice as nice.”

– G. Love, Blues/Hip-Hop Musician

Mishka and Jay Alders

“Movement! Jay captures movement! He bravely takes on subject matter that is in perpetual motion and sometimes even invisible; waves, birds, women, music, and musicians….. Spirit. First I thought he was a tripper, then I thought perhaps he was a lunatic, maybe he’s both, but now I’ve had the chance to hang out with him, I know what he is really is: A true artist.

I’m proud to call him a friend and to have one of his paintings grace the cover of one of my EP’s.”

Mishka, Reggae Musician

Jay Alders Named the Best Surf Artist of the Decade!

“Surf Artist of the Decade!”

– Brazil’s Alma Surf Magazine


“Jay Alders’ love and appreciation of ocean and surf culture comes to life in his own signature style of art, capturing the colors, emotion and scenery that can only come from one that lives and breathes it.”

– Peter Raspler, Manager of 311


“Whether expressing the shape of the human body or the curves within a wave, Alders brings them to life, cultivating them like the sea smooths glass”

– Line Up Magazine


“The Artist who is everywhere…Dali learned to surf!” 

– Jon Coen, ESPN


“Not only is Jay’s artwork a supremely evocative and accurate representation of the entire surfing lifestyle, but he’s also one of the most positive and generous individuals in our industry. ESM considers itself lucky to call Jay a longtime friend.” 

–Nick McGregor, Editor, Eastern Surf Magazine


“Jay is one talented human… his artwork is so unique …”

 Stirling Howland, Former Creative Director of Billabong International


“From the very first time I laid eyes on Jay’s painting “High and Mighty”, I knew he was an utterly unique talent.   Jay has the ability to envision an image in his head and is able to see that scene through varying degrees of angles as if looking through a fisheye lens .  I’m proud to call him a very close friend as well.”

Sean Davey, Professional Surf Photographer


“Jay Alders’ ocean inspired artwork is worth its salt…Alders is recognized across poles for his signature elongated figures and stylized forms by virtue of his elaborate brushwork, powerful colors, and outstanding compositions.”

– Maha Majzoub, RagMag Magazine (Lebanon)


 “Jay is one of the few artists in the surf scene that has carved out his own unique space unlike that of no others.  Not an easy accomplishment.  Add to his work a positive and grounded personality, and you have one very unique individual the likes of which you don’t find often in the surf industry.”

– Steve Fitzpatrick, Professional Surf Photographer



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