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Cut Lip – Poster Print by Jay Alders


“Cut Lip” captures the speed and fluidity of a surfer catching a perfect line. Details such as his hand slicing through the wave’s lip and the sparkle of the light catching the water spray and vivid colors make this one of Jay’s favorites. All prints are Archival quality and should last over 150 years! We have custom sizes available as well.

High & Mighty – Poster Print by Jay Alders


This incredible 18″ x 36″ (45.7 cm x 91.4 cm) Poster Print feature’s Jay Alders’ Ocean Wave Painting, “High and Mighty”. This artwork depicts an approaching set of waves in the stages of curling. The clouds graphically scattered in the sky, fade into the horizon of the sea. An abstracted seagull flies overhead the breaking whitewater. Painted in oil paint on a wood panel in warm sepia tones, oranges and yellows, this painting will go well in almost any home decor with a coastal or surfing theme or enhance that beach vibe you are looking for. We prefer to think of this as an ‘Art Print’ rather than a Poster because it is printed on a thick, durable art paper stock that makes this an awesome value with a gorgeous luster finish. It’s printed in full-color, with high quality resolution and is the same size as the original painting. This big, beautiful surf art Poster is great for any Bedroom, Apartment or Living space in your home or office.

Love Birds- Poster Print by Jay Alders


Part of the Sea Bird Series, this painting depicts two birds soaring off together over the ocean, with their wings connecting and forming a heart. With the sun warming them on their journey, this painting represents love, togetherness and oneness.

Out of the Blue- Poster Print by Jay Alders


The impressionistic brush strokes, vibrant colors and linear curvature make this ocean wave painting an energetic yet soothing piece. The original painting is oil painted on wood with piece of the wood still showing throughout the piece.

Home Slice – Museum Quality Print


This surfing painting which was first conceived when Jay was asked to paint an original piece of art for the Fosters Belmar Pro 2010 limited Edition Poster. Having spent much of the summer of 2010 away on art tours, Alders craved some time at home to just paint, surf and enjoy beach culture. Thus “Home Slice” became representative of a late summer homecoming. Immediately Jay thought of the rock jetties and greenish-blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean that he spends so much of his time surfing in. This piece really shows the artist’s love of geometric and abstracted form. The painterly brushstrokes and impressionistic color palette are a different approach than we are used to from Alders, yet it is still very much in his unique style. The surfer becomes one with the ocean wave as his hand seemlessly creates the breaking wave. The repetitive patterns in the sky and wave face add a graphic design element to this painting which makes it both soothing and exhilarating. No matter how much we travel, there’s no place like home.