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This week's interview is with Azul Terronez.

How does a “straight” father of two who's also a school principal in Texas with a 401K and life all set, end up moving to California, come out as a gay man, find the love of his life in a coming out support group, do a Ted Talk with over a million views, become a world-renowned Author, public speaker, Podcaster and Book Coach?  Shifts…major freaking shifts! 

Azul Terronez is humble and filled with life experience. His phenomenal story will keep you captivated and if you are debating a major life shift, this story will give you the courage you need!

In this interview, we discussed his passion for teaching, how he uses his dyslexia as one of his superpowers. 

Azul shares his creative methods as a book coach including ways that he's been helping Jay to write his first book.

Listen in as Azul talks about his inspiring world travels with his husband Steve. Find out how Azul got to the point of purging most of their worldly possessions including his home, to create a debt-free location independent lifestyle and business together.

Azul has worked with so many great authors including public personalities and entrepreneurial icons like Dana Malstaff, Pat Flynn, Seth Haines, Chris Ducker and so many more!

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Azul Terronez book coach and author

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