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Brian Bishop is a former Pro-Skater and is known for his insane acrobatics, high-speed downhill racing, and big air competitions.

In the course of the 10+ years that we have known him, “Bish” has made some major shifts. He's changed his primary focus from a very successful career in longboard skateboarding to his current path towards becoming an Architect.

“Bish” is one of our closest friends and this interview was filled with laughter. We were even more curious than we even realized about how this major shift in Brian's life and career happened. 

We talk about how a skateboarder becomes professional and the amount of falls, pain and starting over that it takes. It may all sound a bit insane, but that’s why Brian is such a fascinating interview. 

“Bish” is hilarious, smart, down-to-Earth and he has a side to him that is perfectly ok with falling on a skateboard going 62MPH only to get up and try again.  

In this interview, Brian tells us how he's made such a huge jump at the peak of his Pro-Skating career, and stuck the landing as only a skateboarder could.

We hope that you enjoy the singing, the beatboxing, the drinking, the laughter and the insanity of this very personal interview with one of our very favorite people.

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Podcast interview with pro skater and architect Brian Bishop

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