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This week we spoke with performance coach, motivational speaker, and author Jairek Robbins. Oh yeah, he's also the son of Tony Robbins.

Jairek shared with us the principles that he has based his career on. He has an energetic and motivating personality that really can convince you that you are capable of anything in this world if you just own it!

We cover his daily rituals and we talked about balancing how we give ourselves to others while still saving some love and abundance for ourselves.

We get to hear a bit about the transformation his life took after three months living in a rural farming village as a volunteer teaching organic farming in Uganda and how that changed his perspective on how he lives his own life.

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Jairek Robbins - Speaker , author and coach interview

But also….

  • How exactly do you “learn it, live it, give it”
  • Not relying on a guru
  • Falling in love with the hard work
  • Reverse engineering your success
  • Learning to switch hats and come at problems from a whole new way
  • Jairek’s giant grab bag of awesomeness
  • The many benefits of 3 minute ice cold showers
  • 4x4x4 or 4x2x4 breathing techniques
  • Advice from Navy Seals
  • Eating for fuel
  • The power of curiosity
  • 5-7 year self-managed Phd in Life
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Creativity in business
  • Prioritizing travel and finding the money for it
  • Time management
  • Life coaching

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