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This week we spoke with our dear friend Maria Brophy. Maria is a powerhouse in the world of art. She helps artists that are lost in the business side of things and gets their careers on the right path.

After speaking to her husband, artist Drew Brophy a couple months ago, we wanted to hear about the other side of this art empire. Maria handles the marketing, the branding and the nitty-gritty of the art business and her new book “Art. Money. Success” lays out all of her best advice for artists.

In this interview, we discuss what the early days looked like for her and Drew. We learned how she became so wise, as walks us through some of the more common mistakes that artists make. 

Listen in to understand how several major shifts in Maria’s life got her to become a full-time art guru. She left a full-time job in insurance and now teaches artists how to succeed and make big money.

This interview isn’t just for artists. If you are a creative person or an entrepreneur and just don’t enjoy the business side or maybe you do but you just don’t know what is next…this interview will give you a tiny glimpse into Maria’s process. If you love what you hear…buy her book!!!

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