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Marty Schwartz - Guitar Teacher YouTube Star

If you have ever tried to learn guitar and turned to YouTube, you have definitely come across our next guest, Marty Schwartz.

At the time of this interview, Marty has almost 1.3 million YouTube Subscribers and is the guy teaching the world to play guitar.

Marty’s YouTube career has taken him on such a wild ride. He has been on the radar of big names like Joe Rogan and Jack Black and has shared a stage with bands like Moe, Blues traveler and our mutual friends Slightly Stoopid.

We talk about teaching lessons to actor Jason Statham and how he recreated himself after losing his job as a music teacher. Marty shares the basic lessons and adjustments that helped him to grow his following so massively. Listening to his interview is going to have you reconsider your day job for sure!

Marty is fun goofy and so happy to share his experience and some of the lessons he has learned along the way.  Hopefully, you can take some small lessons from this one or you can be like us and just fall into the fascinating story of a guitar teacher that somehow struck gold in the saturated world of YouTube.

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