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This weeks episode is with Rob Nagel, the founder, and owner of the New Jersey and Florida based restaurant chain Surf Taco.

Rob’s story is that of an accidental entrepreneur. He went from not knowing what he wanted to do to owning 14 restaurants on the east coast.

This is a wild and relatable ride that includes 7 colleges, camping out in the Florida Keys, writing screenplays, moving to California to become the next Steven Spielberg and joining AmeriCorps with his future wife. 

While in Southern California, Rob began creating a business plan for a West Coast restaurant chain he called “Surf and Subs”. He inevitably landed back on the east coast where he went on to create the brand “Surf Taco”. 

This episode is for every entrepreneur stuck on “whats next for me” and creative minds trying to find the business side of their brain.   Rob’s ability to visualize the future and paint a picture of a brand is creative and something to aspire towards.

Rob Nagel, owner of Surf Taco, interview

It took Rob ten years to find a path that worked after many re-inventions and pivots while traveling and trying out new things. He now he owns a thriving chain of restaurants on the east coast called “Surf Taco”.

We asked him if he ever felt pressured to keep up with his friends when he was in his 20's while he was still floating through life and traveling.

He told ys that it was quite the opposite for him.  He said that when he saw his friends wearing ties and commuting to work that he felt scared for them. He knew that wasn't for him. Did he know that he'd “make it” as an entrepreneur? Nope! But he feared the  of the dull-known more than the exciting-unknown.

Fear is a funny thing. It can be either a pushing or pulling force in your life depending on how you use it.

Just because you look at things one way, doesn't mean that's how it is. That's just your reality. The reason that Chelsea and I started a podcast, is to help shift people's perceptions.  Just because we view life this way or that, doesn't mean that's how it is.

When I got to thinking about this, it's the same reason that I make art. I want to know what could be rather than staring at the same old thing.

This is the reason I love boarding sports too. I couldn't stand the idea of playing sports with rules and regulations, I would rather glide on the snow, a ramp or water express myself in my way with my rules.

I don't know what sort of things intimidate you, but I do know that your fears can knock you on your ass or empower you depending on your perceptions and your perceptions can shift in an instant.

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