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This week we are stoked to introduce you all to the ever positive and ridiculously talented Surf Photographer, Sean Davey.

In this interview, we give you a taste of the man behind the art. Sean's photography is widely recognized and has been featured on over 140 magazine covers.

Sean has published four books and collaborated on many more.  Sean has traveled just about anywhere and everywhere known for big waves and has many on going exhibits in Hawaii and throughout the world.

We chose to interview Sean because…well, you will see! After ten minutes of his story telling, his childlike love for his craft, his adoration of the sea and those who make a career out of it, you will love him the way we do. 

We have known Sean for over 10 years and from the second we met him on the beach of the North Shore we could not get enough. His energy fills us up.

We covered old school photography methods and the craft of Surf Photography. Sean tells us how he makes decisions based on what he loves doing. We chat about his gnarly wife, growing up in Tasmania as a triplet. Casual encounters with Eddie Vedder, Hawaii's scariest waves and the biggest surf moments he has witnessed living on the North Shore.

I think this episode will have you seeing the bright side of your art form whatever that may be. This may even make you realize which parts of your craft or job makes you most playful, because guess what?…Those are the things you should probably be focusing on anyway.

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Sean Davey Surf Photographer - Shifting Perceptions Podcast Interview

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