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This week on Shifting Perceptions we sat down and chatted with Will Conner. Will owns and runs a large hat brand called Conner Hats out of St. Augustine, Florida and performs his music alongside legends like Singer/Songwriter Jack Johnson and Pro-Surfer Dave Rastovich as his side gig.

Will is an incredible singer/songwriter, a successful entrepreneur, a surfer, an environmental activist, a father and a citizen of the world. His story is that of balance, passion, creativity and floating along to find huge success in all areas of his life.  

Will walks us through what it was like to grow up in a hippie commune in Byron Bay, Australia and then coming to the U.S. He describes what it is like to still live in both countries while traveling back and forth with his family and where music fits in all of this.  

He walks us through his creative process as a musician and tells us about his passionate for protecting the environment.

Will has one of the more fascinating upbringings that we’ve ever heard of and is a multi-facetted human being with many talents and successes. Will isn’t a bragger, but he sure has a lot to be proud of. Will and his story are inspirational.

Will Conner, Musician, Surfer and Entrepreneur

But Also: 

  • Growing up a hippie
  • Permaculture
  • Opening for Jack Johnson & Dave Rastovich
  • Byron Bay Blues Fest
  • Sappy Hippies
  • Quincy Jones
  • Toddlers on planes
  • St Augustine
  • Minimalist living
  • Eating out of bamboo
  • Not having a kitchen and living in sheds
  • Waiting 15 years to catch that perfect wave
  • Sunshine Rainbow Pants


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