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This week's episode is with the owner of Denver's David B. Smith Art Gallery, David B. Smith.  We start our chat with David discussing how he shifted his path in life by using a MySpace Forum to create the reputation he needed to develop the reputable and dynamic art gallery he owns today. 
So, how do we define art?  Since that's a question Jay and I like to debate together basically daily. We were excited to hear David discuss the many boundaries being broken in the modern art world. David talks about how he sees the impact on social change through edgy installations and impactful displays in his gallery. Then we got to probe David with questions on how as a gallery owner he chooses artists, what is the best way to approach a gallery and what are the things that excite him in the art world.  

David B Smith Art Gallery Owner

But also….
  • Banksy
  • Coffee Snobbery
  • Stefan Lessard and DMB
  • Just mail a Watermelon
  • Myspace groups
  • Social change through art
  • Denver art scene
  • What IS art?
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