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About the Artist

Jay Alders is a globally acclaimed American fine artist, celebrated for his visionary style that weaves together the realms of surrealism, and contemporary art. Known for his distinctive approach to bending proportions, Alders’s art features elongated figures that exude stylized elegance and an ethereal quality.

His canvas comes alive with meticulous brushwork, a palette of vibrant hues, and exceptional compositional balance, making each piece a signature representation of his artistic identity. His pieces are not just visual experiences; they are an embodiment of the harmony between human emotions and the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from his beach lifestyle, where he enjoys the coastal culture with his wife and three children, Alders infuses his artwork with the essence of the sea.  His renowned surfing scenes and romantic figurative pieces, highlighted by bold chiaroscuro effects and a masterful play of light and shadow, capture the spirit of the ocean and the depth of human connections.

Alders’s artistry extends beyond the studio. His work has been exhibited at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, and graced the walls of galleries worldwide, capturing the hearts of international audiences. He has created six album covers, bringing his unique vision to the music industry.

Jay Alders’s artwork has been featured on magazine covers, television, and major news outlets, illustrating his cross-cultural influence, while his collaborations with rock stars, cultural icons, and major brands underscore his versatility and far-reaching impact in the art world.

Jay Alders live painting with G Love in Manasquan NJ Algonquin Theatre

“The Best Surf Artist of the Past Decade“. – Brazil’s Alma Surf Magazine

Museum Quality Prints
``Ripple Effect``

With its immersive quality, “Ripple Effect” invites viewers into a vividly rendered world where one can almost feel the sun’s warmth and hear the rhythmic cadence of waves crashing.

Unveiled at the prestigious inaugural exhibit of the Warburton Galerie in Yonkers, New York, this exquisite piece stands among works by esteemed artists such as Shepard Fairey, Roddy Wildeman, and Tim Okamura, further solidifying Alders’ esteemed position in the contemporary art scene

Slightly Stoopid's New Album Art

“I am stoked to have been asked by the band to create the art for their new Album, Everyday Life, Everyday People. I am both a fan and friend of the band and it is an honor to visualize their good vibes.” – Jay Alders

JAY ALDERS painting Slightly Stoopid Album Art