Jay Alders artist interview

Interview with Jay Alders: Artist, Entrepreneur, Father & Aspiring Author by Tom Shepherd

English Artist Interviews Jay Alders on his podcast Creative Perspectives (Re-broadcast on Shifting Perceptions), episode 048. Listen to the Full Interview with Jay Alders Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | GooglePlay| iHeartRadio This conversation is a deep dive into creativity, artistic inspiration, and what it looks (and feels like) to dedicate yourself to your art.  We flipped the switch today for…

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Erik Abel - surf and ocean inspired abstract artist

Erik Abel: Artist, Surfer, Dad & Entrepreneur: Episode 047

Ocean and surf-inspired artist gets abstract and talks parenting, entrepreneurship, inspiration, and the hustle of the art world. Oregon based artist Erik Abel is highly recognized in the surf industry. His work is bold, geometric, and inspired largely by the Pacific Northwest and South Pacific and Central  America and beach culture. His latest pursuit is…

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Street Artist & Mural Painter, Ten Hundred

Interview with Street Artist, Mural Painter, YouTuber& Designer – TenHundred (ep 46)

An in-depth interview with Seatle Based Artist and Designer, Peter Robinson. I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Artist and Designer Peter Robinson, better known around the world as “Ten Hundred” ). He specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work which has been exhibited in iconic global art hubs as Seattle, Portland, Denver,…

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interview with guitarist Chris Buono shifting perceptions podcast with jay and chelsea alders

Interview with Guitarist, Chris Buono – Episode 45

Studio Guitarist, soloist, composer, author, teacher and our fellow Jersey shore friend, Chris Buono As his online bio reads Chris, makes music with a guitar and lots of pedals. Chris is an accomplished soloist, studio musician and composer and has performed and/or recorded with the likes of Dweezil Zappa, Snarky Puppy, and Karsh Kale. He’s…

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Ruby Roth artist and author

Ruby Roth – Artist, Author & Activist

Ruby Roth is an acclaimed activist, artist, former teacher, and author whose children’s books have been featured in The Huffington Post, Change.org, and Glamour. A passionate advocate for creating a more sustainable world, Ruby has taken her vegan food philosophy to major media outlets such as The Today Show, FOX, ABC, and CNN — and…

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Podcast Interview with Entrepreneur Kara Goldin CEO of Hint Watet

Interview with Kara Goldin: Founder & CEO of Hint Water On Building & Scaling A Brand – (Episode 043)

Named as one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, as well as one of Forbes’ 40 Women to Watch Over 40. Leave Us A Review Kara Goldin is a force to be reckoned with. An insanely successful entrepreneur, she is on a mission to improve the health of millions. We spoke to her about her…

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Interview with Speech -Arrested Development

Interview with Speech from Arrested Development

2x Grammy Award Winning Musician, Conscious Rapper, Minister, Arts School Founder, Documentarian, Father, Husband & Music Icon Listen to the Full Interview with Speech Todd “Speech” Thomas made his name in the lates 1980s as one of the pioneers of a socially conscious hip-hop movement with his group Arrested Development that he founded in 1988…

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Self publishing with Dale interview

Interview with Dale L. Roberts: Explaining the How and Why of Self-Publishing

Host of the popular YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dale and author of thousands of publications. Keeping with our super informative entrepreneurial theme, we follow on from last weeks podcast about scaling your online business with Drew DuBoff, by sitting down with Dale Roberts and taking a deep dive into the world of self-publishing. You may…

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Drew DuBoff scale business and learn seo

Interview with Drew DuBoff – How To Scale Your Business & Work Smarter

Episode 040: Drew Duboff is a growth strategist, outsourcing expert, and founder of “Start Scaling Successfully.”   An insanely insightful SEO guru, Drew discussed with us the importance of working smarter, not harder, and gave us some awesome tips on how to make Google’s algorithm works for you. A fun (and serendipitous!), fact about Drew, is…

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Surf legend Vince Troniec

Interview with Vince Troniec: 50 years of Surfing & The Glory Days of The Jersey Shore

50-year surfing veteran & close friend Vince Troniec talks to us about becoming a surfer in the late 1960’s at the Jersey shore, his mindsets on surfing and what it was like being friends with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in the “Glory Days”. This interview is special to us, as Vince is…

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Sierra Blair-Coyle

Interview with Sierra Blair-Coyle: Professional Climber, Bouldering Champion, and Fitness Model

Bouldering champion Sierra Blair-Coyle, whose passion for the sport would inspire almost anyone to want to hit their local climbing wall. As a family who loves to climb together, when Sierra told us that she loved rock climbing & bouldering from the moment she tried it, it completely resonated with us. The daughter of a…

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Interview with entrepreneur, financier and philanthropist Marc Bell

Interview with Marc Bell: Financier, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Broadway & Film Producer – Episode 37

Leave Us A Review This week we sat down with Marc Bell, whose innovative and fearless approach to life has led him to massive entrepreneurial successes. Founding his first company, Globix, at the age of 21, today, his firm has investments across more than 160 companies. We chatted to Marc about his early fascination with…

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Suzanne Tucker - Founder Generation Mindful

Interview with Suzanne Tucker: Generation Mindful’s Founder on Conscious Parenting & Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

Suzanne Tucker is a powerhouse of positivity and nurturing energy. We had the joy of sitting down with her this week to discuss the wonders — and curveballs — that being a parent can bring. The founder of Generation Mindful and the “Time-In ToolKit,” an engaging collection of illustrations and games, Suzanne Tucker is dedicating…

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Podcast interview with Chet Zar Dark Artist

Interview with Chet Zar: Finding Happiness & Success from an Art Career in The Dark Arts

Chet Zar has garnered a legion of international fans and art collectors from his fine art paintings of dark and surreal creatures. Chet’s talent for creating Hollywood special effects led him to work on major Hollywood productions such as The Ring, Hellboy 1 and 2, Planet Of The Apes and critically acclaimed music videos for the band Tool.

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Interview with millionaire blogger Alex Nerney

Interview with Alex Nerney: How He Built A Six-Figure A Month Blogging Empire – Episode 034

Alex Nerney, along with his partner Lauren McManus, attract over 250,000 visitors to their blogs monthly. We sat down with him this week to find out what the catalyst was for him to give up a thriving personal training career to transition to full-time blogging. Alex embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Sharp, witty, and most…

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Interviewed with Karen Rinaldi - Author of Its Great to Suck At Something

Interview with Karen Rinaldi, Author of “It’s Great to Suck At Something” – 033

A Podcast Interview with Senior Vice President & Publisher of Harper Wave, Best Selling Author, Surfer and Mom This weeks episode is with a personal friend and Jersey Shore local, Karen Rinaldi.  Not only is she a Vice President and Publisher of Harper Wave Publishing in NYC but she is a successful Author with another…

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Marilyn Schlossbach - Restauranteur, entrepreneur, humanitarian

Interview with Marilyn Schlossbach: Restaurateur, Chef, Humanitarian, & Asbury Park Icon

This weeks episode is with Asbury Park’s Golden Girl, Marilyn Schlossbach. This Woman is an Entrepreneurial Powerhouse Many New Jersey and New York Locals already know Marilyn as the Queen Chef and co-owner of Langosta Lounge, Pop’s Garage, Labrador Lounge, and Asbury Park Yacht Club OR you may know about her because of her Asbury…

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Matt Grundy of Donavon Frankenreiter Band

Matt Grundy: Going All In Music, Sobriety, Family & Self-Awareness – 031

Interview with Matt Grundy Bassist, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter & Harmonica Player Going All In Music, Sobriety, Family & Self-Awareness – Episode 031 of Shifting Perceptions Podcast Matt Grundy plays bass, rhythm guitar, harmonica, and sings backing vocals and for professional surfer turned rock star Donavon Frankenreiter. Matt is also nurturing a solo music career. In this…

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Jeremy & Stephanie Puglisi RVFTA

Stephanie & Jeremy Puglisi: The Entrepreneurial Power Couple That Rocked The RV World  – 030

This week we had the pleasure of getting lost in the woods with two of the most colorful souls we’ve had the great fortune of befriending; seasoned RV podcasters, bloggers, and authors Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi. In the riveting interview, we were able to sit down with two crazy-passionate and multi-faceted people stripped of all…

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Torrey Meister Big Wave Surfer Interview on Shifting Perceptions Podcast

Torrey Meister – Inside The Mind of A Big Wave Surfer – 029

This week we got to chat with professional competitive surfer and big wave charger Torrey Meister. In this interview, we took the opportunity to ask all the questions you would want to ask a big wave surfer, such as: What is on your mind right before you drop in? Do you ever hesitate? Do you…

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Paula Fuga interview on Shifting Perceptions Podcast

Paula Fuga: Made From The Stars – 027

We have been by enamored by Paula Fuga’s passion and love for music since the moment we met her 11 years ago. In this interview Paula walks us through those first moments as a three year old singing in the car to living homeless on the beach in Hawaii.  Paula’s story is filled with twists…

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Holotropic Breathwork Treatment, Holly Harman

Interview with Holly Harman: Holotropic Breathwork – Episode 028

This week we went on a serious trip with Holly Harman who is the Associate Director for Grof Transpersonal Training aka the originators of Holotropic Breathwork.  In this interview, we learned a lot about what Holotropic Breathwork can do and what the process really looks and feels like.  So, what is Holotropic breath work? According…

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Marty Schwartz - Guitar Teacher YouTube Star

Interview with Marty Schwartz: Guitar Teacher Turned YouTube Star

If you have ever tried to learn guitar and turned to YouTube, you have definitely come across our next guest, Marty Schwartz. At the time of this interview, Marty has almost 1.3 million YouTube Subscribers and is the guy teaching the world to play guitar. Marty’s YouTube career has taken him on such a wild…

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Podcast interview with pro skater and architect Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop: Skateboarding and His Reinvention As An Architect – 025

Brian Bishop is a former Pro-Skater and is known for his insane acrobatics, high-speed downhill racing, and big air competitions. In the course of the 10+ years that we have known him, “Bish” has made some major shifts. He’s changed his primary focus from a very successful career in longboard skateboarding to his current path…

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Sean Davey Surf Photographer - Shifting Perceptions Podcast Interview

Sean Davey: Surf Photography Legend – 024

This week we are stoked to introduce you all to the ever positive and ridiculously talented Surf Photographer, Sean Davey. In this interview, we give you a taste of the man behind the art. Sean’s photography is widely recognized and has been featured on over 140 magazine covers. Sean has published four books and collaborated…

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