chris dyer- artist, NFT creator of galaktic gang interview with jay alders

Chris Dyer: Psychedelic Artist, Seeker, and NFT Creator

Artist Chris Dyer is a man who’s persona, mission, and brand are intertwined in the pursuits of truth, self-awareness, freedom of expression and elevated consciousness. Listen to the Full Interview with Chris Dyer Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio One could easily look at Chris’s life now as a world famous artist and think that he’s just one of…

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Dylan Rhodes - Crypto NFT Hip Hop Artist and NFT Entrepreneur interview with Jay Alders

Dylan Rhodes: Hip-Hop Artist, Entrepreneur, and Crypto Music Pioneer

Better known as Dyl, Philadelphia based Hip-Hop artist, and entrepreneur Dylan Rhodes is a pioneer of the NFT music space. Listen to the Full Interview with Dylan Rhodes Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Leave us a Review Better known as Dyl, Philadelphia based Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur Dylan Rhodes is pioneering the NFT music space. Dyl gained recognition…

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Jason Chambers - Abstract Artist and NFT Artist

Jason Chambers – Abstract Fine Artist and NFT Success Story

Georgia born Artist, and Dad creates fine art influenced by cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism. His artwork has been featured internationally and is making its mark in the NFT Art World as well. Listen to the Full Interview with Jason Chambers Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Leave us a Review Jason Chambers has always been an artist, but…

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Moishe Kaufman, Founder of NFT Zilla interview about NFT's with Jay Alders

Interview with Moishe Kaufman, Head of Media and Marketing of NFT Zilla

Social-Media Manager & Marketing Director for the NFT news company NFT Zilla talks with Jay Alders about Digital Advertising, Problem Solving, Community Building, Technical Product Launches, Social Media Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, and Team Assembly. Listen to the Full Interview with Moishe Kaufman Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Leave us a Review Moishe Kaufman is the 19 year old…

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Harry Pack NFT Artist on OpenSea - interview with Jay Alders

Interview with Harry Pack on NFT’s, Art, and Recovery

UK-based Visual Artist Harry Pack has gained the kind of notoriety and success that most artists dream of. Listen to the Full Interview with Harry Pack Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Leave us a Review Pack’s NFT Collection of trippy, surreal, and psychedelic art on OpenSea has skyrocketed him to success. In just months, he’s earned worldwide recognition…

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Daniel Maidman, figurative fine artist interview with Jay Alders

Daniel Maidman – Figurative Fine Artist

Maidman’s Drawings and Paintings of the human form are included in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art. His work is also on it’s way to…The Moon. Listen to the Full Interview with Daniel…

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David Nichtern, musician, author and meditation teacher interviewed by Jay Alders

David Nichtern – Meditation Teacher, Musician, Composer, and Author

For most professional musicians, winning an Emmy Award and being Grammy nominated would be the apex of achievement of one’s career. But for David Nichtern it’s just another part of his journey.  Listen to the Full Interview with David Nichtern Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Leave us a Review David — rightfully so, seems to take pride in…

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Author Daniel Paisner interview with Jay Alders

Interview with Daniel Paisner: Author, Ghostwriter and Journalist

New York-based Best Selling Author Daniel Paisner is recognized globally as one of the most sought-after ghostwriters, authors, and collaborators in the business. Listen to the Full Interview with Daniel Paisner Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Watch on YouTube Leave a Review Dan has evolved his craft to the point where people like Serena Williams, Ray Lewis, Daymond…

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Paul Roustan body painting models

Interview with Paul Roustan – Body Painter and Photographer

Award-winning Body Painter and Photographer talks about creative process, NFT’s, the constant pivot and grind of being a professional artist, and defying the societal norms around nudity. Listen to the Full Interview with Paul Roustan Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher |iHeartRadio Los Angeles-based body painter, Paul Roustan, is internationally recognized for his mastery in body painting art and photography.…

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Jay Alders artist interview

Interview with Jay Alders: Artist, Entrepreneur, Father & Aspiring Author by Tom Shepherd

English Artist Interviews Jay Alders on his podcast Creative Perspectives (Re-broadcast on Shifting Perceptions), episode 048. Listen to the Full Interview with Jay Alders Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | GooglePlay| iHeartRadio This conversation is a deep dive into creativity, artistic inspiration, and what it looks (and feels like) to dedicate yourself to your art.  We flipped the switch today for…

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Erik Abel - surf and ocean inspired abstract artist

Erik Abel: Artist, Surfer, Dad & Entrepreneur: Episode 047

Ocean and surf-inspired artist gets abstract and talks parenting, entrepreneurship, inspiration, and the hustle of the art world. Oregon based artist Erik Abel is highly recognized in the surf industry. His work is bold, geometric, and inspired largely by the Pacific Northwest and South Pacific and Central  America and beach culture. His latest pursuit is…

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interview with guitarist Chris Buono shifting perceptions podcast with jay and chelsea alders

Interview with Guitarist, Chris Buono – Episode 45

Studio Guitarist, soloist, composer, author, teacher and our fellow Jersey shore friend, Chris Buono As his online bio reads Chris, makes music with a guitar and lots of pedals. Chris is an accomplished soloist, studio musician and composer and has performed and/or recorded with the likes of Dweezil Zappa, Snarky Puppy, and Karsh Kale. He’s…

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Ruby Roth artist and author

Ruby Roth – Artist, Author & Activist

Ruby Roth is an acclaimed activist, artist, former teacher, and author whose children’s books have been featured in The Huffington Post,, and Glamour. A passionate advocate for creating a more sustainable world, Ruby has taken her vegan food philosophy to major media outlets such as The Today Show, FOX, ABC, and CNN — and…

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Interview with Speech -Arrested Development

Interview with Speech from Arrested Development

2x Grammy Award Winning Musician, Conscious Rapper, Minister, Arts School Founder, Documentarian, Father, Husband & Music Icon Listen to the Full Interview with Speech Todd “Speech” Thomas made his name in the lates 1980s as one of the pioneers of a socially conscious hip-hop movement with his group Arrested Development that he founded in 1988…

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