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Interview with millionaire blogger Alex Nerney

Alex Nerney, along with his partner Lauren McManus, attract over 250,000 visitors to their blogs monthly.

We sat down with him this week to find out what the catalyst was for him to give up a thriving personal training career to transition to full-time blogging.

Alex embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. Sharp, witty, and most importantly, creative, he has harnessed his passions and skills to turn blogging into a six-figure monthly income.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Alex is his passion for teaching other people how to succeed. Rather than carefully guarding his success, he is an open book full of tips, tricks, and advice on ways that you can work smarter – not harder.

We talked about how managing your expectations is everything and the reality that most people aren't overnight successes.

From trading hours for dollars, to accidentally shooting what looked like soft porn during his first blog attempt, Alex takes us on his hilarious and very human journey of putting himself out there and learning something new.

Although Alex is careful to acknowledge that there is no surefire way to success, his optimism is infectious, and his work ethic is admirable.

Key Takeaways From Alex Nerney: How He Generates Over $100,000 A Month

Seize Opportunities

Alex took a leap of faith into the world of blogging. After being invited to The Millionaire Fastlane Conference, he met other entrepreneurs and heard their success stories. This inspired him to create a scalable income and build his own dream – instead of someone else's.

From that moment, Alex began figuring out ways that he could monetize his interests, while also offering value to other people.

Not Everything You Touch Will Turn To Gold (without a plan!)

Alex's first foray into the world of blogging was not an instant success. The aptly named ‘Health and Happy Hour' consisted of him and his buddy, sitting around at his dad's house, drinking and writing.

Health and Happy Hour served as a learning curve for Alex. As he puts it, “We learned very quickly that the thing that we think is awesome, doesn't mean that everyone else thinks it's awesome.” Understanding the need for a strategic marketing plan, Alex focussed on creating a definitive target demographic – which leads us to our next important takeaway.

Develop An Avatar

Alex stresses the importance of creating an avatar of your potential customer, and really getting to know who they are. He believes that this shift in his mindset allowed him to really up his blogging game.

When you create content, Alex recommends that you always ask questions through the eyes of your avatar during the process. Would the content you're creating resonate with them? Does it add value to their life? If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, it's likely that you will connect with your target person.

The ‘Poop' Phase is Okay

One of our favorite takeaways from our chat with Alex (besides the penis jokes) were his views on starting out at something new. We all know that initial stage – where your expectations are not mirrored by your results and everything you put out there seems to be ‘poop.'

Alex explained to us that this is a necessary part of the growth process, whether you're blogging, learning an instrument, or playing a new sport. As you navigate through the poop stage and develop your skills, you will continue to get better and be more successful. These growing pains won't last forever, but they are an essential step in honing your craft.

Variety is The Spice of Life

If your passion is waning, it can be difficult to continue creating consistent content. Alex mitigates this by developing different outlets that he can focus on. From the insanely successful educational business Create & Go, to his more creative outlet WANDR, a travel vlog, he emphasizes the need to keep following ideas that fuel your fire.

“I like working on the projects that I'm working on – And the ones that I don't, I'm getting much better at delegating to other people. Then every day is my own.”

Monetize Your Skill Set

Alex shared with us his recommended ways of making money from blogging – even if you don't have a product to sell. From utilizing ads and sponsored posts on your site, to aligning yourself with an amazon associates account, there are multiple ways that you can create streams of income from your blog.

Once you feel confident enough to educate others and create your own product or service, you can scale your business even further. As explained by Alex, “80% of (our earned) $100k a month happens through the process of someone  reading a post, opting in for an email, and then getting sold a product.”

They are some wild figures to wrap your head around!

Alex is truly an impressive business person. We learned so much from our chat with him and will absolutely be using some of the tips he shared with us!

If you want to hear more from our conversation with Alex (he's hilarious so we suggest you do!), you can click the link to our podcast and laugh along with us.

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