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Interviewed with Karen Rinaldi - Author of Its Great to Suck At SomethingA Podcast Interview with Senior Vice President & Publisher of Harper Wave, Best Selling Author, Surfer and Mom

This weeks episode is with a personal friend and Jersey Shore local, Karen Rinaldi.  Not only is she a Vice President and Publisher of Harper Wave Publishing in NYC but she is a successful Author with another book that just hit the market this week!

Karen is one of the most real people we know and in this interview, we get to talk to her about what it takes to “Suck at Something” (The title of her new book), specifically what it takes to suck at surfing.

Karens earlier works, such as “The End of Men” was the basis for the 2016 feature film, Maggie’s Plan, directed by Rebecca Miller and starring Julianne Moore, Greta Gerwig, and Ethan Hawke.

In this interview, we get advice that you just won’t hear from your life coach…Karen is so real and her “just keep going, keep writing, keep learning, there are NO Shortcuts” attitude is enough to keep you moving forward and honestly, feel great about the decade of work you’ve been doing because Karen says…”that’s what you need”!  I hope you learn so much from this very exclusive interview with Karen Rinaldi.

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But Also:

  • Surfing
  • Europe
  • Creative Process
  • Career Pivots
  • Art
  • Parenting
  • How to Find Your Creative Voice
  • Traveling Abroad
  • The Publishing Industry
  • Costa Rica
  • The Jersey Shore

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