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Autumn Berrang is a seasoned entrepreneur, ad agency co-founder, branding and marketing expert as well as a client services VP for Rauxa, the largest women-owned ad agency in the country.

Though she now calls Manhattan home, her award-winning ad agency, Adjective & Co. which is based in Jacksonville, Florida has a strong case for being known as one of the best boutique branding agencies in the country.

Her agency received two national ADDY Awards, including a coveted national gold ADDY—the industry’s highest honor—for their work on Whalebone Magazine. They were also recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 50 companies to work for in the entire nation, regardless of size or industry. 

In this episode, Autumn shares her personal success story and the challenges that she's overcome.

From her early days working in the restaurant industry, Autumn worked her way up to being in the prestigious point in her career that she is now.

We talked about what it's like being a mom to two young daughters while keeping multiple businesses thriving.

We discussed what it's like working with your spouse and how she balances it all.

We asked what small business owners should focus on first to get the most results from their marketing.

Autumn told us how she balances her very spiritual life while still authentically serving the needs of corporate clients.


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Autumn Berrang Advertising & Branding Podcast Interview

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