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Ben Lee is an Australian born Singer/Songwriter who gained notoriety as a musician with his first band “Noise Addict”.

Ben later went on to achieve huge global success as a solo act and has released over 20 albums.

If you don’t know Ben Lee from his playful pop/folk hit songs like “Catch My Disease” or “Gamble Everything For Love” from his album, “Awake is the New Sleep”, you may know his music from “Grey’s Anatomy” or movies like “Just Friends” or “Deuce Bigalow”.

Ben recently composed the musical score on his wife Ione Skye’s newest show “Camping” which airs on HBO.

Ben Lee’s musical roots are deep and his current path of creative growth and hand-picked celebrity collaborations seem to keep him evolving.

Ben’s impressive list of collaborations include his current bandmate, Josh Radnor (aka, the one and only “Ted Mosby” from “How I Met Your Mother”).

Ben also did “psychological explorations” with Lena Dunham, created music with Zooey Deschanel and Ben Folds and recently collaborated with Tom Robbins to release “B is For Beer, the Musical

In this interview we discuss mortality, spontaneity, breaking free of our society’s systems and his creative process in song writing. Ben speaks about what it means to live authentically and how he's shifted from folk musician to working on tv shows and movies.

Ben truly looks forward to being prolific in his golden years and is it it for the long haul. His view of “my best years are yet to come” will keep you engaged and in love with his attitude towards the life.

This interview will give you some great take aways on what you can do in your own creativity to how to keep it exciting.


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Ben Lee - Singer - Musician Interview

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