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Bouldering champion Sierra Blair-Coyle, whose passion for the sport would inspire almost anyone to want to hit their local climbing wall.

Sierra Blair-Coyle

As a family who loves to climb together, when Sierra told us that she loved rock climbing & bouldering from the moment she tried it, it completely resonated with us.

The daughter of a gymnastics coach, Sierra tried gymnastics and karate herself, before she discovered climbing at the age of eight. Competing professionally ever since Sierra achieved status as a professional climber at age 14.  

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things about Sierra is her dedication to the sport, and her hunger to be the best that she can be. A World Cup Competitor since 2010, Sierra has also claimed the title of National Champion twice as a junior competitor.

Feeling truly blessed to be able to do what she loves, travel the world and earn a living from it, we chatted about her aspirations as an athlete, her plans for the future and what she hopes to accomplish.

Keep reading for some of our favorite insights from one of the most kick-ass women we've had the pleasure of talking to.

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When You Know… You Know

Sometimes you experience something for the first time, and it feels like it's feeding your soul. Sierra explained to us that she found her passion when she first tried out climbing because she thrived off the challenge it presented. Completely undeterred by the physicality and self-discipline it requires, climbing gave Sierra with an opportunity to prove to herself that she is capable of achieving whatever she sets her mind to.

“I tried other sports when I was younger, like gymnastics and karate, and what happened is that when it would get hard, or I had to work harder or put more effort in, I would quit — because I was a kid and wanted it to be easy. But there was something about climbing, when it got hard I wanted to keep doing it. I was pretty much all in from the beginning.”

Follow Your Passion — and Always Have a Plan B

Determined from a young age to be a professional climber, Sierra did all that she could to make her dream a reality. However, her pragmatic attitude toward hard work and discipline isn't only applicable to climbing. In 2016 she graduated with a degree in marketing from Arizona State University and explained to us that although climbing is her love and career, it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan.

“I always wanted to be a professional climber once I started, but honestly, even if I were in any other sport, I would want to be professional at that. I knew I wanted to do something great. As far as going to university, it was definitely a backup plan, because in climbing you're not making crazy money, I make a living, but nothing to retire on at this point, so it's just good to have that.”

If It Feels Good, Do It

Sierra's can-do attitude is infectious, and as the parents of a totally fearless daughter, we love how much of an energetic and motivating role model she is — for women of all ages.

“When I was a kid I was pretty much down for anything, I was definitely a tomboy, but then I also had more Barbies than I could even count, so I don't think my parents were super surprised when I started climbing. I was just having fun at it. I really enjoy doing something where I can push myself and achieve things, and I don't know what it was about it, but something about it just felt right to me.”

If you would like to hear our full conversation with the insanely inspiring Sierra Blair-Coyle, you can listen along on our podcast – but don't be surprised if you get bit by the climbing bug!

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