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Host of the popular YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dale and author of thousands of publications.

Self publishing with Dale interview

Keeping with our super informative entrepreneurial theme, we follow on from last weeks podcast about scaling your online business with Drew DuBoff, by sitting down with Dale Roberts and taking a deep dive into the world of self-publishing.

You may know Dale L. Roberts as the host of the popular YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dale, or as the author of over 3000 books currently online.

What started as a squat challenge made by his corporate wellness coach, ended in Dale's desire to share his knowledge of fitness with other people. He set about writing a book that would help people on their fitness journey — and the rest is history!

For the past five years, Dale has built up a lucrative career by self-publishing his own books. When people noticed his business go from 0-60, he received many questions from other would-be authors, and realized the demand for a knowledgeable and experienced coach in the field of self-publishing. Ever the innovator, Dale decided to create a YouTube channel that is devoted to building a successful self-publishing business in which he shares his experiences.

We got advice from Dale on how to get started in the world of self-publishing, as well as other ways budding entrepreneurs can create additional streams of income.

Dale focusses his business model on book publishing, video production and public speaking and stresses the importance of giving value in everything that you do.

This conversation is full of useful insights and advice on self-publishing and monetizing what you are passionate about.

Here are our favorite self-publishing tips from Dale Roberts.

First Step – Create the Content

Dale shared with is his most important piece of advice for anyone interested in self-publishing — you have to create the content first. Whether that means writing a book or designing a course, you have first to create the content before you can work out your next step. 

“The very first step, and this is the one I see most people get hung up on, create the content, write the content first. If you've never written a book, don't worry about the next steps, don't worry about your marketing plan, don't worry about an editor… None of that. Just write the content.”

Don't Worry If Your First Draft Sucks

They say that everyone has a novel inside of them. Dale wants people to know that even if their first draft isn't the perfected masterpiece, they may have hoped for, its start — and that's really all you need initially.

“You can write any type of garbage you want, to just allow yourself the ability to write without any judgment inside your head — because that's what a lot of people run into. They're too busy thinking about this perfect product that's in their mind… The first draft should always be the worst draft; just get that out the way.”

Know Your End Goal

Dale stressed to us the importance of knowing what your goal is once you've written your content and you're ready to go. Is your desire to get your work published and make some money? If that’s the case, you're in luck. Dale explained to us that there are several ways to do this, but he suggests utilizing the Kindle Direct Publishing platform, where you can either publish it as an ebook or as a print book.

“I say go to where most of the people are congregating. And most of the people, the browsing customers and the readers, are on Amazon. Amazon's one of the world's largest online retailers… There's numerous ways to get on Amazon. But I'm going to give you the path of least resistance. And that's through Kindle Direct Publishing.”

Dale shared with us the importance of watching tutorials and building a good understanding of what Amazon wants from their authors. He suggests using resources such as Kindle Direct Publishing's Jump Start course, and also his own YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dave, which is full of useful advice.

It’s clear from this conversation with Dale that he really is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of self-publishing. If you would like to begin your own self-publishing career, you should start by clicking the player link above and listening to the full chat. After that you can head over to Dale’s awesome YouTube channel for more tried and tested advice — and check out the links and resources below too — we’ve compiled some useful links for you to get started.

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