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Episode 040: Drew Duboff is a growth strategist, outsourcing expert, and founder of “Start Scaling Successfully.”  

Drew DuBoff scale business and learn seo

An insanely insightful SEO guru, Drew discussed with us the importance of working smarter, not harder, and gave us some awesome tips on how to make Google’s algorithm works for you.

A fun (and serendipitous!), fact about Drew, is that his very first blogger clients were previous podcast guest, Alex Nerney, and Lauren McManus. Alex and Lauren run several insanely successful blogs  (including Create & Go and Avocadu) and earn six-figures — per month! If that's not a testament to Drew's work, we’re not sure what is! We recently interviewed Alex and asked him about his meteoric rise to blogger royalty status. If you want to hear the full conversation — if you’re a blogger you absolutely should! — you can find it here

One of the most poignant points that Drew shared is that after deciding to launch his business, it took five months of marketing and building his reputation before he landed his first freelance client. His dedication to his goals, as well as his refusal to give up, is impressive — especially in a world where instant success and reward is frequently expected. 

Drew also shared with us tips for entrepreneurs who want to build their businesses, such as employing reliable and consistent freelancers who are easy to work with. This not only reduces the workload but also gives business owners a chance to focus on the tasks that generate them the most ROI.

This is a whole 40 minutes jam-packed with sage (and applicable!) advice for freelancers and entrepreneurs on smart ways to scale your business, increase your website traffic and maximize profits!

Keep reading for some of our favorite pieces of advice from the dynamic and wonderful human, Drew DuBoff.

Drew's Tips to Increase Your Traffic and Monetize Your Website

Blogger, Seo tips and business side hustle

Treat Your Blog Like a Business

Drew stresses the importance of treating your blog just like you would any other business. This includes making the right investments and setting yourself up for the long term. 

He explained to us that it’s less about instantly monetizing your blog, and more about knowing where to focus your energy and time, especially the importance of creating quality content.

“In the beginning, you don't really need to think about monetizing just yet, because you don't have an audience to monetize. So instead, just focus on getting the traffic. If you want to do Pinterest, cool, that's great, and that tends to find a quicker return on your investment. At the end of the day, there's this general progression that you write, and then you spend way more time promoting the content, whether it's with Pinterest, with Google, with guest posts, podcasts, roundups, however it is, it all starts with content. Content is really, you know, the foundation for a blogger.”

The Importance of Keywords

Whether you're an online coach, a lifestyle blogger, or a local dance school, one of the best ways to improve your SEO ranking is to utilize relevant keywords throughout your content and website. Drew explained to us that the use of keywords is crucial to the success of a website.

Keywords are terms that help improve a website's search engine ranking. Drew recommends a strategy of targeting keywords with a lower search volume, as it will likely be easier to rank for those over more popular keywords. This is because fewer people are attempting to targeting them. 

“Keywords are basically the main focus of your article. So, if you're writing an article on ten blog tips that will make you rich, for example, the keyword is going to be “blog tips.” So, throughout the article, your focus would be to naturally weave in “blog tips” as the main keyword, and other related keywords. So you could say something like “business tips” would be related, or other keywords like that. You want to weave them in and, of course, optimize it for humans, not for bots that crawl the site, always for people.”

Utilize SEO Tools — But Don't Get Overwhelmed.

As podcasters and bloggers, sometimes we find ourselves drowning in the latest search engine optimization apps — and being unable to see the forest for the trees. Drew explained to us that the key to not getting overwhelmed is to build your arsenal of tools gradually. 

“I would say to start with something. And then you can build up gradually over time. So, when I'm doing my keyword research right now, like, all I'm using is keywords everywhere. I'm not using some fancy subscription.”

Whatever Other Bloggers are Doing — Do It Better.

One of our favorite SEO tips that Drew shared for bloggers and podcasters, was to take a look at what others in your market are doing and what's working for them. 

“One of my favorite tricks is to google what you want to rank for and see what Google's already ranking. It sounds rather simple, but it's true, you should seek to create a better version of what's there.”

 But what if your website is image-heavy, for example, if your an artist or photographer, and you're trying to improve your SEO rankings? Don't worry — Drew has a solution for that too!

“The one thing that you should be doing for images, if you are an image-heavy site, is editing the title and alt text of the image. This is what Google reads; it doesn't actually read the image itself. So you have to assist it in that process.”

As you've probably guessed, Drew is an SEO guru, so if you're on a mission to improve your search engine rankings, or have the first page Google God shine upon your website, you should listen to the full insightful conversation by clicking the player link above!

Scaling and monetizing your blog or online business is no easy feat, but Drew's SEO tips can have anyone off to a promising start.

Listen to the Full Interview with Drew DuBoff 

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