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This week we sat down with singer/songwriter Tristan Prettyman. You may know her from her collaborations on chart-topping singles with everyone from Jewel to Jason Mraz and G Love. 

Tristan took time away from “mom life” to chat with us about her past and her next chapter. 

She is open, honest and brutally real in so many aspects of her life.  In this interview, Tristan candidly discusses what it is like to break open and let the world hear your pain.

Tristan lets us in on the story about her relationship and break-up with Jason Mraz and how it affected her both personally and with her career.  

We talk about what it is like for her to share her life stories through music and then we move through each chapter in her life and how each has affected her creative process. 

Tristan discusses her recent shift from music to health coaching and why self-acceptance, self-care and helping others matters so much.

Tristan has had to adjust her sails through relationships, breakups, happiness, motherhood and public scrutiny only to emerge stronger, more connected and ready to take on what's next.

She turned away from her art only to then ask it to take her back. Jump in with us now and fall in love with Tristan. 

Her story is so inspiring and only builds up anticipation for what is coming down the road for her. 

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