“Jay Alders is a master of painting and illustration inspired by surfing, skateboarding and other genres. It’s worth it to see his web site”. Carlos Burle Big Wave Pro-Surfer & Record Holder

I have been a long time fan of Jay’s artwork. It was a dream come true to be able to work on a collab piece with him. -Sasha DiGiulian (World Champion Rock Climber)

“There is no one like Jay who captures the pure essence of surfing and music in a painting! Jay is a true genius with the brush,and I am always excited to see his new work!!!” Donavon Frankenreiter (Musician & Pro Surfer)

“I first met Jay Alders on a surf art and music tour in Brazil in 2007 and I’ve been a fan of his art ever since. I feel Jay captures the energy and vibe of surfing and the surf community. Jay’s pieces hang with pride on our walls and are always twice as nice”. G. Love Musician

“It’s very challenging to find genuinely unique art; it sometimes seems that everything has been done before. When I first saw Jay Alders’ work, I was utterly consumed, the same way I was the first time I witnessed the works of Salvador Dali as a child. His ability to capture a lifestyle in a captivating still piece is truly remarkable and deserves the highest praise. ” Atomik Climbing Holds

Austin Keen Skimboard champ

“Jay Alders encapsulates the finer moments in surfing lifestyle. His original, skewed style makes you feel like you are truly experiencing the moment created, which is no surprise of why he has become one of my favorite artists”. Austin Keen 2013 World Champion Skimboarder

“Movement! Jay captures movement! He bravely takes on subject matter that is in perpetual motion and sometimes even invisible; waves, birds, women, music, and musicians….. Spirit. First I thought he was a tripper, then I thought perhaps he was a lunatic, maybe he’s both, but now I’ve had the chance to hang out with him, I know what he is really is: A true artist. I’m proud to call him a friend and to have one of his paintings grace the cover of one of my EP’s”. Mishka Reggae Singer/Songwriter

“I first met Jay Alders on a surf art and music tour in Brazil in 2007 and I’ve been a fan of his art ever since. I feel Jay captures the energy and vibe of surfing and the surf community. Jay’s pieces hang with pride on our walls and are always twice as nice”. Stefan Lessard Bassist, Dave Matthews Band

“Jay’s art is sick! He has done us the favor of painting live on stage with us a few times. His art and our music share a common thread by reflecting the ocean minded community. I’m always mesmerized by his wave paintings and catch myself lost in a mind surf, pulling into his slabs and setting rails that match his brush strokes. Aside from his art he is a solid dude, family man and always eager to meet new adventure” Ryan DeMars Bassist, The Expendables

Dr Eric Goodman Foundation Training

“Jay’s a remarkable guy whose artwork and personality provide an instant lean toward a lifestyle that inspires health, vitality, love and a love for surfing. It’s easy to favor Jay’s creativity and sense of purpose. I feel lucky to know such a gifted artist.” Dr. Eric Goodman Chiropractor, Creator of Foundation Training, Celebrity Trainer, Author

“The Artist who is everywhere…Dali learned to surf!” Jon Coen ESPN, Writer/Editor

karen rinaldi writer publisher harper wave

“Jay’s work embodies the spirit of surfing and much more. With humor and elegance he captures the ineffable nature of a lifestyle we love. What’s better, the man behind the work is as awesome as the work itself! My family and I have surrounded ourselves with Jay’s art and it always brings a smile. Pura vida, Jay!” Karen Rinaldi Harper Wave Publisher & Writer

“Jay Alders’ love and appreciation of ocean and surf culture comes to life in his own signature style of art, capturing the colors, emotion and scenery that can only come from one that lives and breathes it”. Peter Raspler 311, Manager

sean davey surf photographer

“From the very first time I laid eyes on Jay’s painting “High and Mighty”, I knew he was an utterly unique talent. Jay has the ability to envision an image in his head and is able to see that scene through varying degrees of angles as if looking through a fisheye lens . I’m proud to call him a very close friend as well.” Sean Davey Professional Surf Photographer

“Not only is Jay’s artwork a supremely evocative and accurate representation of the entire surfing lifestyle, but he’s also one of the most positive and generous individuals in our industry. ESM considers itself lucky to call Jay a longtime friend”. Nick McGregor Eastern Surf Magazine, Editor

Line Up Surf magazine

“Whether expressing the shape of the human body or the curves within a wave, Alders brings them to life, cultivating them like the sea smooths glass”. Line Up Magazine

“Jay is one of the few artists in the surf scene that has carved out his own unique space unlike that of no others. Not an easy accomplishment. Add to his work a positive and grounded personality, and you have one very unique individual the likes of which you don’t find often in the surf industry”. Steve Fitzpatrick Professional Surf Photographer

“Jay Alders’ ocean inspired artwork is worth its salt…Alders is recognized across poles for his signature elongated figures and stylized forms by virtue of his elaborate brushwork, powerful colors, and outstanding compositions”. RagMag Lebanon Style Magazine

“Jay is one talented human… his artwork is so unique …” Stirling Howland Former Creative Director of Billabong International

surfers healing -autism charity

“Several years back after seeing and admiring Jay’s amazing and unique surf art we asked him if he would consider doing an art board for our annual surfboard auction held at the Ritz Carlton , Laguna Niguel. Not only did he agree to participate but has continued to participate over several years raising thousands of dollars for our charity Surfers Healing Foundation. Jay is not only an incredibly talented artist but also a class act with a humanitarian spirit”. Surfers Healing Izzy and Danielle Paskowitz, Founders

Void Magazine North Florida Surf

“Jay Alders is perhaps best known for his mind blowing, body altering, and reality bending artwork. However, his creations just scratch the surface of who Jay really is. Other than the obvious “artist” title, after sitting down with Jay and picking his brain, I’ve learned he can best be described as the following: surfer, lover, world traveler, ambassador, veggie-lovin, ninja, and really, that’s not all”. Void Magazine Kayla Beckman, Writer

“Jason Alders lives his passion and dream of professional art, while doing it with a fervent dedication to his community and planet. From his stylish renditions of coastal scenery, to his stunning and imaginative portraits, Alder’s respect and admiration for the ocean and the sun is ostensibly vivid”. The Pier Reggae and Rock Web Magazine