I Launched an NFT Collection

I gave myself a crash course on NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) over the past month and have since launched my Crypto Art Collection. The first couple NFT’s I released have already sold and I’ll be releasing more soon. A month ago most of us had never heard of NFT’s. If nothing else you might have heard rumblings about…

Making a living as an artist with Jay Alders and Traver Boehm

How to Turn Your Passion for Art Into a Living with Artist Jay Alders – Via The Uncivilized Podcast

Thriving as an artist requires not only passion and creativity. It takes gut-wrenching nerves, courage, stubbornness, and a determination to make it. During this episode Traver and Jay talk about creativity as an essential piece in an artist’s life and the methods that Jay uses during his creative process. Traver also asks Jay about the…

artist and coach, jay alders, creativity as a mental health tool

Using Art for Mental Health – Interview of Jay Alders on the Curious Introvert Podcast

Creativity As a Self-Care Tool I was recently interviewed by Meredith Edwards on the Curious Introvert Podcast. We discussed the role of creativity in managing mental health as well as self-care and creative strategies and mindsets of the artist. I’m pretty open about the fact that there’s mental illness in my family. I know a…

Jay Alders artist interview

Interview with Jay Alders: Artist, Entrepreneur, Father & Aspiring Author by Tom Shepherd

English Artist Interviews Jay Alders on his podcast Creative Perspectives (Re-broadcast on Shifting Perceptions), episode 048. Listen to the Full Interview with Jay Alders Listen on: iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | GooglePlay| iHeartRadio This conversation is a deep dive into creativity, artistic inspiration, and what it looks (and feels like) to dedicate yourself to your art.  We flipped the switch today for…

interview during lockdown with artist Jay Alders

The Creative Shift Podcast Interviews Jay Alders on Anxiety, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

A chat between an artist and writer about navigating creativity, business and parenting and all the stresses and mental-health challenges that go along with it. I’ve known my Dan Blank since high school. We were two of the weird artsy kids in a typical cacophony of personalities and teenaged egos. We re-connected a decade ago…

Street Artist & Mural Painter, Ten Hundred

Interview with Street Artist, Mural Painter, YouTuber& Designer – TenHundred (ep 46)

An in-depth interview with Seatle Based Artist and Designer, Peter Robinson. I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Artist and Designer Peter Robinson, better known around the world as “Ten Hundred” ). He specializes in bright, colorful, imaginative character work which has been exhibited in iconic global art hubs as Seattle, Portland, Denver,…