Yoga Art SUP by Jay Alders and Rogue SUP

The Jay Alders Yoga Art SUP from Rogue

Announcing a new Jay Alders collaboration with Rogue SUP. Introducing the new Jay Alders All Around Surf and Yoga SUP Available in sizes: 10’2″, 10’8″ & 11’2″. We chose a perfect all-around Stand Up Paddleboards for Surf, Yoga and Casual/Sport Paddling. This lightweight, strong and stylish board has the Alders Yoga Art “Scorpion Sunrise” in hi-resolution on…

Back to me- Surrealist Oil Painting by Jay Alders

“Back To Me” – New Print Released

Painted between 2004-2005, Artist Jay Alders releases Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints for the first time ever of “Back To Me”. Alders’s largest painting to date, measuring 70 inches wide by 50 inches tall (127 x 177.8 cm), painted in oils on canvas. “Back To Me” is embedded with emotional symbolism and foreshadows the…


Sketching My Daughter

Quick sketching my beautiful daughter Summer Emerson before she notices Daddy and wiggles around. Ready, set, go. Thanks to my wife Chelsea for encouraging me to sketch more often. It’s crazy how when passion becomes your work that sometimes we forget it’s our passion. Always stay connected to your inner child…remember to create & play.…


Thoughts While Painting

The creativity of the universe is leading me down a new path. It’s holding my hand with nurturing authority. It reveals what is and allows curiosity to explore. It guides my brush with visions of beauty and doubt clouding it’s purity with thought. My ego briefly attempts to take ownership of the artistic direction only…