Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz

Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz: The Crossroads of Discipline & Surrender – Episode 015

This weeks episode is with Dan Lebowitz, better known in the music industry as “Lebo”. Known for his musicality, versatility, and heartfelt delivery, Lebo is inherently committed to an improvisational approach. The vehicle for his fluid, buttery sound is a flat top acoustic guitar that he has personally customized and converted to electric with a vintage style Humbucker pickup. When…

Will Conner, Musician, Surfer and Entrepreneur

Will Conner: Musician, Surfer, Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, Dad and Citizen of the World – 004

This week on Shifting Perceptions we sat down and chatted with Will Conner. Will owns and runs a large hat brand called Conner Hats out of St. Augustine, Florida and performs his music alongside legends like Singer/Songwriter Jack Johnson and Pro-Surfer Dave Rastovich as his side gig. Will is an incredible singer/songwriter, a successful entrepreneur,…

Podcast with Eric Goodman

Dr. Eric Goodman: Tapping Into Flow States and the Creation of Foundation Training To Treat Chronic Back Pain – 003

Understanding Back Pain and Why the Foundation Training Method worked for Dr. Eric Goodman and how it is helping thousands of others. Dr. Eric Goodman – On how his major failure’s lead to the development of and hyper-focus on what eventually became Foundation Training. Learning about the Posterior chain and how keeping these muscles strong…