Tidal Moon T-Shirt Released

Introducing the new ‘Tidal Moon’ fitted T-Shirt.  An ultra-soft, ultra-comfy unisex T-shirt that feels like you’ve owned it for years the moment you put it on, and for years to come.  Based on the surf art painting “Tidal Moon” which Alders live painted on stage with reggae artist Mishka in Philadelphia. BUY TIDAL MOON T-SHIRT

Scorpion Sunrise Yoga Art by Jay Alders

“Scorpion Sunrise” – Yoga Art Oil Painting & Prints Released

The Scorpion Forearm Stand (Vrschikasana Forearm Variation) is a beautiful yoga pose of balance, strength, inner focus and coordination.  Scorpion pose is a favorite yoga posture of the artist and dedicated yogi Jay Alders. “Scorpion Sunrise” was completed in June 2014 and was rendered with oil paint on wood panel. The original piece is 30 x 40 inches…

The Tidal Moon,surf art painting by Jay Alders

Limited Edition Prints Released of “The Tidal Moon” Live Painting

Painted live on stage with Reggae Musician Mishka on April 4, 2014 at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA.  This painting depicts the glowing full moon rising over the geometric perfection of the big and powerful ocean waves. During his performance, Mishka switched spots briefly with Jay and threw down a few brushstrokes while Jay played some guitar. The original painting has…