Illustration of an Artist Sketching

Hurry Up & Slow Down

One of the biggest obstacles most people have with creating art is the amount of time that’s required. Here’s a bit about how I overcome that. First though…Let me start by announcing… I just finished a new painting!!  (to be released soon) I started this painting a few months ago. I’ve worked on this piece…

dad traveling with toddlers

The stupidest thing I did all month

I usually try to share wisdom in my blog. But today… thought I’d share my stupidity instead. So…here goes… Last week, I blogged about my recent West Coast Art Tour and lessons I learned. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. But…I left out one particularly embarrassing detail I’ll preface this by saying that it probably won’t shock…

Hammerhead Shark Art by Jay Alders

SharkBanz & Jay Alders Hammerhead T-Shirt Collaboration Benefitting Surfers Healing (Autism)

Sharkbanz has teamed up with acclaimed surf artist Jay Alders to create a comfy, limited edition Tee inspired by the majesty of sharks and our oceans. Proceeds from the shirt will be donated to Surfers Healing, the long-standing (20 years!) non-profit that provides empowering experiences for children with autism by teaching them how to surf.…