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This week we talked with Dr. Dave Jenkins, the Founder of SurfAid International.

We have been involved with SurfAid for over a decade now and this is the first time we actually got to hear Dave’s story of how a surf trip to the Mentawai Islands 18 years ago gave rise to an organization that has helped save & improve thousands of lives.

This interview will give you an inspiring perspective on SurfAid's global efforts to make drastic changes in isolated regions around the world and save lives.

Dr. Dave explains to us how SurfAid's helps small villages and undeveloped regions by aligning with their deeply rooted traditions and partnering with community leaders.

SurfAid can boast of very impressive statistics and improved mortality rates from their programs. 

Just a few examples are: They haven’t had a woman die for three years, and the child mortality rate dropped from 25 to 2 (With the 2 being mostly freak accidents or uncontrollable incidents.)

Aside from his committed involvement with SurfAid, Dave is currently working alongside Dr. Dale Bredesen on a mission to end Alzheimer’s Disease and increase human longevity.

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