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Jeremy & Stephanie Puglisi RVFTA

This week we had the pleasure of getting lost in the woods with two of the most colorful souls we’ve had the great fortune of befriending; seasoned RV podcasters, bloggers, and authors Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi.

In the riveting interview, we were able to sit down with two crazy-passionate and multi-faceted people stripped of all inhibitions.

They say it like it is when it comes down to parenting, childhood, life on the campground, and how they were able to grapple with the hardships of parenting while making a living and doing what they loved – all in that order.

Contrary to popular belief, bloggers and podcasters alike don’t always start off thirsty for monetization. The Puglisi couple’s output was spun from a genuine place; as both were writers and adventurers at heart, even writing poetry from as early as high school.

Both Stephanie and Jeremy have a background in education and a fierce love for their family and they want to share the peace the campground brings to their soul. They’re on a mission to share with the world just how humbling and soulful life on the road can be.

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“There was no intention of this being a business;

It was just born out of this enthusiasm and

came from a genuine place deep in our souls”

-Jeremy Puglisi

“We try not to dwell on our mistakes

because every time we’ve pivoted,

It’s really made the difference in our success”

-Stephanie Puglisi


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