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We have been by enamored by Paula Fuga's passion and love for music since the moment we met her 11 years ago.

In this interview Paula walks us through those first moments as a three year old singing in the car to living homeless on the beach in Hawaii. 

Paula's story is filled with twists and turns and the one thing you learn as you listen is that she truly was always meant to be a singer and performer.  Her voice is just the beginning of her magic.

Stop what you are doing and pay attention to this one…Paula's poetry is breathtaking. She holds a belief that she is ‘of the stars' and a ‘star child'. She lives knowing that she was meant to change this world for the better…and holy moly, that voice of hers.  

Paula is a natural story teller and we probably could have chatted for  hours. We loved learning about the steps it took to get her to where she is now, performing in front of thousands alongside music greats like Jack Johnson, John Cruz, Damian Marley and Mike Love. And oh, by the way was was invited three times to perform at the White House while Barack Obamawas in office.

Paula says she doesn't believe in luck. Instead, she follows her intuition and signs from the Universe knowing that she'll be led to the where she belongs.

Paula finds positivity and the silver lining on everything. An early rejection from American Idol ended up being a good thing for her. A car accident she passed by inspired her to write her most well known song, Country Road, which made a long standing collaboration with Jack Johnson possible.

Even being homeless as a child with a mother on drugs is something she is grateful for since it let her become a more relatable mentor to children.

Paula Fuga lives on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii with her husband and has a new album coming out this year.  

Our Favorite Quotes From This Interview: 

You can't rush magic, magic happens in its own time” – Paula Fuga

“I come from the stars, I am full of magic and so is my music” – Paula Fuga

When I get into that meditative space, when I close my eyes, when I sing I am transported to the stars…in my vision when I close my eyes, all I see is space and the stars are huge but they are far away from me…I always felt like I was a star, like an actual star in the heavens” – Paula Fuga

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