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This weeks interview is with local New Jersey Native Quincy Mumford.  We have known Quincy since he was a 16 year old kid playing in taco joints. So this months release of his oh so soulful single“ThankYou” off his forthcoming EP Titled“EveryWednesday” (which has reached almost 400K streams in four weeks we might add) has completely blown our minds. 
Not only is this a phenomenal new direction and sound for Quincy, but through our conversation we realize its the sound he has always been searching for. 
In this episode we discuss Quincy’s decision to wipe his entire musical history on iTunes clean and start fresh with his funky and soulful new album.  
We touch upon everything from the business side of being an artist, neglecting your art, being true to yourself and finding that sound and what it is like working with other people to make that vision happen.   
We could not adore Quincy and his family more, this interview means so much to us.  We are so excited for you to get to know Quincy the way we do.

Quincy Mumford Singer on Shifting Perceptions Podcast

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