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This interview is with professional artist and big wave surfer Drew Brophy. Some magical things happened when we combined two surf artists to chat about surf, art, science, chakras, universal laws, intentional creativity and the energy in the universe…Jay and Drew got super nerdy and super gnarly in every direction.

We learned about Drew’s focus towards science-based art and how he got to where he is today in his ever-evolving career. Have fun with us as we ride through Drew's stories of Stand Up Paddling through the Grand Canyon and surfing waves bigger than my house.

Hearing Drew's humble beginnings in South Carolina of being told he wouldn't make it as a surfer or an artist and his courageous leap into painting surfboards as a stepping stone will have your head spinning with possibilities.

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Drew Brophy Surf Artist

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  • The connected universe
  • The human heart as an EMF Transmitter
  • Science through Art
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Stand Up Paddling 225 miles of the Grand Canyon
  • Hermetic Texts
  • Quantum Physics

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