What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. Fungible refers to something being easily swapped out or replaced. An example of a fungible asset is something that you can simply exchange with anything else, like a $5 bill for five $1 bills. Bitcoin is another example. One bitcoin isn’t more valuable than another bitcoin.

NFTs are non-fungible, meaning unique. Each NFT is completely unique on the blockchain. Yes, as critics will point out, you can in fact right-click and save an image or take a screenshot, but NFTs have unique features that can’t be copied.

The blockchain proves your ownership and this technology allow for the sale, purchase, collecting, and trading or many digital, and physical assets, not just art.

NFT Art is almost always (so far) referring to digital assets, although we’re seeing many artists including myself use NFTs to sometimes pair digital with physical art.

In some cases, an NFT acts as a certificate of ownership. In other situations, NFTs allow exclusive access, like a ticket or event pass. As it pertains to my digital art collections below, it refers to digital art pieces.

The Future

My prediction is that someday (sooner than later), we’ll have a hardware innovation that will be the “ah-ha moment” for the masses.

As we saw with what the iPod did for digital music, soon we’ll all have devices that will allow us to enjoy, display, and decorate with our NFTs in our homes, and offices.

I have been active in the NFT space since March 2021 and since then have had several drops sell out, and have been featured as a prominent NFT Artist at NFT NYC, in Times Square, and in Forbes.

Considering the rarity, and collectibility of these pieces and the historical implications of these being some of my first NFT Artworks, I am confident that they will hold a value that likely could grow.

I welcome you to become part of my growing family of NFT collectors and join me on this amazing journey into the future.

NFT Interactive Art Galleries (Mobile, VR, Desktop, Tablet)

OnCyber NFT Jay Alders Art Gallery
Spatial NFT Jay Alders Art Gallery

Jay Alders Official NFT Collections

Aquatic Bloom - Modern line art colorful ocean art by Jay Alders

Jay Alders Art

This collection celebrates surf culture, beach life & a passion for the sea, & aquatic surrealistic forms.

The aim is to bend reality and create a new paradigm.

Contemporary stretched out stylized mermaid art nft

Jay Alders Fine Art

Visions that I see in the world are entangled with concepts in my mind.

This collection bends reality to create a new paradigm that is unreal yet somehow believable.

Foundation nft art logo
Hydroglyphics # 1 - Abstract aquatic inspired fine art

Hydroglyphics by Jay Alders

Hydroglyphics is the first abstract NFT collection from world-renowned artist Jay Alders.

The distinctive pieces in this collection are inspired by the sea and the pulsating energy that binds all living things.

OpenSea NFT Logo

Vision of Surrender

Unravelled Reality by Jay Alders

This collection explores psychological nuances, psychedelic perceptions, and the paradoxical emotional journey of the human experience.

These are some of the visions that I bring to life so that they can expand into the Universe.

This work has been served to me from somewhere outside of myself and is an intentional deviation from my other work.

This collection serves as a home to the unusual, and trippy parts of my mind.

OpenSea NFT Logo
Chromascopic modern ocean art


A collection of trippy, psychedelic art by artist Jay Alders that blasts your eyes with color and energy.

OpenSea NFT Logo
line art animated surfer

The Line Up by Jay Alders

A collection of surreal, stylized, and often whimsical artworks by Jay Alders. This is a place for me to play with lines and doodles.

OpenSea NFT Logo

Hic Et Nunc

A collection of Jay Alders Art on the Tezos blockchain.

Sensual Exposure

A collection of romantic and sexy Photography on the Tezos blockchain.

Jay Alders Speaking at NFT NYC 2022

First Steps with NFTs

As with any Crypto-currency or NFT investment, I’d always suggest that you set up some level of security first.

This doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

  1. Buy a hardware wallet! I’d highly recommend Ledger, this link is my personal referral code.
  2. IMPORTANT: Do your own research: Here’s a few links for easy set up and beginner guides:
Jay Alders featured in Times Square NYC

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