Cut Lip Museum Quality Art Print


Cut Lip, surreal surfing painting by Jay Alders



Original Painting Details:

MediumOil on Canvas
Size: 24” x 48″
Status of Original Painting: Available

“Cut Lip” captures the speed and fluidity of a surfer catching a perfect line.Details such as his hand slicing through the wave's lip and the sparkle of the light catching the water spray and vivid colors make this one of Jay's favorites.All prints are Archival quality and should last over 150 years!We have custom sizes available as well.
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5 reviews for Cut Lip Museum Quality Art Print

  1. David

    Hi Jay,My wife gave me a print of the Cut Lip painting for my birthday and I am stoked. I first saw it at the Ripple event sponsored by DC Surfrider Foundation and hinted to my wife for 2 months aobut my birthday. I can’t wait to get it framed and hang it on my wall.Thanks,David

  2. Robert B.

    Jay just got the latest piece absolutely stunning I love it. My friends are diggin the work and they”re tellin me they are going to buy some stuff I”m going to keep singing your praises. Thanks for doing such great work!!! Peace brudda

  3. Joe & Josh

    My son & I purchased “Cut Lip” & “Solitube” for some very close friends that just happen to be surfers as well, imaginee that. They were totally stoked when they received them. We stayed with them during Christmas break in California and wanted to give them something to say thanks. The vibrant colors on their family room wall look awesome. Thanks Jay for your fresh approach to surfing art!!!

  4. Damian Raibon

    I just recieved the art 2 art pieces I order and I must say I am very impressed. I thought the art work look very nice online but to have the real thing…WOW! I”m a true surfer and each time I look at each of these pieces it makes me feel like I”m back out in the ocean catching the wave myself. His artwork is very inspirational and the feelings, emotions that come out of the pictures is unreal…I think I know which one I’ll buy next.

  5. Matt Brady (verified owner)

    No question – This will be the only piece of art in my bedroom, over the King bed (largest canvas version available). A written description can”t do the piece justice – Colorful, bright, clear, briliant, and rich – it perpetuates all the feelings I want in my personal space.

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