“Dune Patrol”, Limited Edition Surfing Christmas Ornament


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Dune Patrol- Surf Art Christmas Ornament – Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Christmas Ornament

Surf Art Christmas Ornament featuring “Left Behind the Wall” by artist Jay Alders There are only 75 pieces available. After these sell out, this design will not be offered again.

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These colorful ornaments are made from 1/8” thick composite wood.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × .2 in

3 reviews for “Dune Patrol”, Limited Edition Surfing Christmas Ornament

  1. Jay Alders

    Thank you Marci!!

  2. Marci

    Such a beautiful ornament! Can’t wait to buy another design next year.

  3. Jay Alders

    Thank you Clarice!!

  4. Clarice Hannigan (verified owner)

    I just got in the new ornaments and I gotta say, they are extremely beautiful! Detailed with beauty…. and it’s not flimsy or made of cheap materials! Not only a thick/solid board… but also the clarity of “Left behind the Wall” is gorgeous to every detail (like the originals / large versions).

    These are simply stunning! Beautiful work Jay!

  5. ClariceClarice (verified owner)

    Happy holidays!
    On Nov. 9th, I placed a pre-sale order, for several of the new limited edition 2017 ornaments; ship date says 11/30….
    Okay, so I have to wait a few weeks to receive them, but like a kid waiting for Christmas, I am so stoked about my new ornaments and I’m counting down!!!
    So, Since I have to wait a bit, I’ll try to remember to do another review, when they arrive…. but I thought I would share with you, my review from my 2016 ornaments… =)

    Last year, Jay released limited edition ornaments and I quickly added to my JA collection. Yearly, I continue to display them all, in my art room in various locations…. And if I may, they are prettier in person and the colors are vibrant & rich. And please take my word on it, you won’t regret it.

    As an “ornament”, It’s Perfectly sized, is thick (not flimsy!!!), uniquely designed & crafted, has a strong string attached and can be displayed all year!
    Now, if you love the original art prints, you will fall in love with all of these unique & beautiful ornaments! Each one is uniquely designed / crafted and replicated from the original – as a smaller version to enjoy! They’re very special, unique and gorgeous limited editions.. yes, I said “limited editions”…. so when they’re sold out – they’re gone…. so make sure to get some of these spectacular ornaments… while they’re available and good luck. =)

    I was so stoked about the 2016 ornaments… so you can only imagine how excited I am, about the new 2017 ornaments!!! Yay!!!

    Last year, I purchased my stellar favorites: “Right Past the Light” and “Pot of Gold”. They are even prettier in person and very unique. And currently, I have them Both displayed, in my art room.

    This year, you can order pre-sale, new 2017 ornaments and purchase some of the 2016 ornaments! After a year of owning the 2016 ornaments, I can only imagine how breathtaking the new prints of 2017 ornaments will be!!! I’m so stoked! =)

    So while I’m counting down for their arrival…. i hope you will purchase some for yourself or as gifts too; no one will be disappointed. =)

    Thank you again Jay, for beautiful art and giving us more reasons to purchase our favorite pieces. These are Totally awesome ornaments and I’m so happy I have them!

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