Golden Opportunity – Original Oil Painting on Wood, framed.


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Size of Original Oil painting: 8.875 inches x 14.875 inches (22.5 cm x 37.8 cm)

Golden Opportunity – Original Oil Painting

Painted on wood bordered by distressed wood.

As we race through existence chasing our dreams, we often shed our pure intentions and exchange them for the heavy burdens we carry. But now and then, we allow the energy of the Universe to flow through us without judgement and without ego. During such intense yet peaceful moments we are reminded of the potential that surrounds us.

“Surfing brings me great joy on a very spiritual level. I get a lot of my inspiration while out in the water with friends, gazing at the clouds and witnessing the water reform and bounce light around.

This surf painting is a glimpse of tranquility and inspiration. An ode to the sense of oneness, mystery, beauty and inspiration that can engulf or embrace us.” – Jay Alders

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 20 in


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