Sweet Aspirations – Museum Quality Print


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Sweet Aspirations – Museum Quality Print by Jay Alders



This captivating oil painting by fine artist Jay Alders is masterfully rendered with a composition that brings your eyes on a journey around the painting. The use of light, color and shadow is stunning as it depicts the allure of the female figure and the perfect waves in her view.


Inspired by summer in his beach town, Alders brings emotion and intrigue to the familiar subject matter of the woman sun bathing with a seagull close by in her presence.

This original oil painting is now available for art lovers and serious collectors to invest in.  This will look awesome in your shore house, beach shack, apartment,dorm or office and makes a great gift.

Prints are available as both fine art giclée prints and gallery wrapped canvases signed by the artist.  Matted prints will soon be available as well.
Note: Don't worry, the © Copyright watermark will not be on your print 🙂


Details of Original Painting:

Size: 18 inches(45.7 cm) x 24 inches(61 cm)
Medium: Oil on Wood Panel
Date Completed: June 2010
Status of Original Painting: Available for purchase


A Word from Jay Alders

A few months back at the end of our cold winter here in Jersey, I was talking to a friend about summer.  It seemed like it would never arrive with the brutally cold winter we were dealing with.  It got me thinking back to last summer and the iconic scenes that make summer so special.  I got overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings of sweet summer and everything it represented to me. Thus, the inspiration for this painting was born.

Visions of warm water, surfing early morning sessions, the blindingly bright sun rays, seagulls and sexy bikini babes basking in the sun.  I thought this was a great opportunity to bring together my love of the female form with my passion for surfing and beach living.  After a few sketches, I came up with this (below) and knew it was the direction I wanted to go in.

One of my favorite times of day is when the sun is at its warmest tones of yellow, ambers and oranges in the morning and evening.  Theres a ten minute window of light that is just magical and I wanted that to inspire my palette.

I really wanted to utilize the reality of multiple perspectives.  The woman taking a moment away from her reading to witness the absolute beauty of the sun and the waves manifesting in front of her.  The seagull unaware of any significance of the womans beauty, whose only concern is enjoying the warmth the sun is so generously offering. The viewer of the painting taking a voyeuristic angle observing the scene in its entirety. All elements separate, yet so interconnected.

I played with the sharpness and shadows to direct attention to the strength of the lights path. Your eye takes a journey through the surrealistic swirling water, the flowing lines and curvaceous nature of the clouds, waves, her body and the bird. Upon closer observation, you may even find some subliminal images in certain areas of the painting.

This painting is now available as fine art giclées and giclée gallery wrapped canvas.  I hope it brings you joy of warm summer days and helps you aspire to greatness.

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2 reviews for Sweet Aspirations – Museum Quality Print

  1. Rocco La Rosa

    Perfect…..life is but a dream.

  2. Carol

    I love this one with the girl on the beach and the perfect tube wave… is that Pipeline?

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