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What can a Creativity Coach do for you?


Don’t settle for an uninspired life. You deserve to see what you’re capable of. Do you find it too hard to prioritize your creativity? I totally have been there…but there is another way. I can teach you strategies and practices that will help you find and stay in that inspired state


I didn’t stumble into my childhood dream job. It wasn’t just luck and it didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been chasing this my whole life. Living up to my artistic potential is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I have learned mindsets, perspectives and lessons along the way that can help you if you let me.


Do you feel like you’re meant for more but you don’t know how or where to start? Do ever wonder if it’s even worth it? Your destiny is waiting for you, but are you ready?

You will never do anything with your art, until you believe that you were meant to for a purpose bigger than you. Only you can do it and I can help you as your guide to show you the way.


Do you constantly self-sabotage your creativity? Do you start a project and then get side tracked by another idea? If you’re anything like I used to be, you probably have a pile of unfinished paintings or ideas just waiting for you to find them again. Commitment doesn’t happen by itself. Creativity is a relationship that will only give back what you put in.


Have you been looking for your style and can’t find it? Have you not yet discovered your unique voice? Being artistic is great, but not having a direction will just get you lost and discouraged. Sometimes we are just too close to see the big picture. Working with me will help you to uncover the uniqueness that’s been hiding within you all along.


Do you already have great work but have no idea how to bring it to the masses? For years I hid my work because I didn’t think it was good enough. I didn’t know how to find the “right people”. I have found proven ways to build a network that will support and share your work with influential people and get fans that adore you.

Here's a bit more about me...

Jay Alders live painting with G Love in Manasquan NJ Algonquin Theatre

Jay Alders painting on stage with G. Love


TV coverage of Jay Alders

jay alders live painting in bordeaux france

Jay Alders painting live in Bordeaux, France during his exhibit.

“I went from a very shy & socially awkward little boy who liked to draw, to getting named “Surf Artist of the Decade” by Brazil’s Alma Surf Magazine & painting on stage with famous rock stars in front of thousands of people.

My art has been licensed dozens of times to major brands. I’ve had my own signature line of skateboards, standup paddle boards, surfboards, puzzles and sandals sold in big retailers.

My artwork has been exhibited around the world, featured on magazine covers, broadcast on TV and on mainstream products.

I co-host a podcast with my wife Chelsea, who is also a successful entrepreneur and I have my first book coming out in 2019.

Career success is great, but I’m most proud of the lifestyle that I’ve designed. I’m a proud dad of three little kids, who were born within 18 months and I work from home and am there for all of the little moments.

How do I do it all? I can tell you this…None of this happened by accident. Let me coach you to find your potential!”

What real people are saying about my Creativity Coaching...

Jay Alders Art Coach

One on One

One-on-one personalized coaching, instruction and apprenticeships. Improve your art technique, find your niche, develop business and marketing strategies that actually work. Get to the next level quicker and enjoy the whole process!

Get Un-Stuck

Finally get past your obstacles and self-sabatage that’s been holding you back. Learn proven methods to find lasting inspiration and motivation to commit to your creativity.

What You'll Get

A customized coaching program to focus on any areas that most interest you most. Do you want to improve your painting or drawing technique? Build your brand? Overcome creative challenges? Figure out where to start?

You’ll get 45 minute sessions with one-on-one access to me via webcam meetings. You will receive personalized advice and suggestions to give you measurable results.

Coaching Packages

• 45 Minute Online Coaching

• Group/Company Coaching, please contact me for pricing 

• One-on-one on-site coaching and public speaking. Contact us for information.

• 30 Day Email Support Available

Improve Creativity, Be Successful & Find Inspiration

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