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Jay Alders Art Coach

One on One

One-on-one personalized coaching, instruction and apprenticeships. Improve your art technique, find your niche, develop business and marketing strategies that actually work. Get to the next level quicker and enjoy the whole process!

Get Un-Stuck

Finally get past your obstacles and self-sabatage that's been holding you back. Learn proven methods to find lasting inspiration and motivation to commit to your creativity.


Go through life feeling inspired again. It's your birthright to inspire others and feel tapped in. Don't lose your inner-child when there's another way.


I didn't stumble into my childhood dream job. I've been chasing it my whole life. It's all I've ever wanted to do. I have learned mindsets, perspectives and lessons along the way that can help you.


Do you feel like you're meant for more but you don't know how or where to start? Do ever wonder if it's even worth it? Your destiny is waiting for you if you're ready?


Learn to stop self-sabotaging your creativity. Become commitment to your passion like you always knew you could


Have you been looking for your style and can't find it? Have you not yet discovered your unique voice? I can help you uncover the uniqueness that's been within you all along.


Do you have great work but have no idea how to bring it to the masses? Learn effective and proven ways to share your work with influential people and get fans that adore you.

What You'll Get

A customized coaching program to focus on any areas that most interest you most. Do you want to improve your painting or drawing technique? Build your brand? Overcome creative challenges? Figure out where to start?

You'll get 45 minute sessions with one-on-one access to me via webcam meetings. You will receive personalized advice and suggestions to give you measurable results.

Coaching Packages

• 45 Minute Online Coaching

• Group/Company Coaching, please contact me for pricing 

• One-on-one on-site coaching and public speaking. Contact us for information.

• 30 Day Email Support Available

“I went from a very shy little boy who liked to draw, to getting named “Surf Artist of the Decade” by Brazil's Alma Surf Magazine.

My art has been licensed dozens of times to major brand. My artwork has been exhibited around the world. My art has been featured on magazine covers on TV. I've toured the globe with famous rock stars. On top of all this, I'm a proud dad of three little kids who works from home.

None of this happens by accident. Let me coach you to find your potential!”

Finding inspiration for artists, writers and musicians

How To Find Inspiration…Again.

What Inspires You? We’ve all heard the cliché advice to go follow your inspiration and see where it leads you. But what if pretty much nothing is inspiring you right now…and you just don’t seem to care? Sound familiar? Every artist, musician, writer and creative person in general, go through periods of apathy. It’s like…

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Magnet for creativity blog

Want to be a Magnet to Creativity? Here’s Two Things To Focus On.

Do you ever find your creative flow all clogged up with stress, boredom or lack of inspiration? This past week I was given a freelance assignment by a massively famous band. I love (and hate) these projects. I love it because, well, they’re a mega-famous band and how freaking cool is that? My job rules.…

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