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Burning Inspiration – Poster Print by Jay Alders


Size: 19.75″ x 21″. This coastal lifestyle art print feature's Jay Alders' Surf Painting, “Burning Inspiration” depicting a local acoustic jam around a beach bonfire. We prefer to call this an ‘Art Print' rather than a Poster because it is printed on a very thick, more durable paper stock that makes this an awesome value. Featuring a Semi-gloss finish, this big, beautiful Poster is great for any Home, Dorm, Apartment or Office and makes an awesome and affordable gift!

Sea Zen of Tranquility – Museum Quality Print


Jay collaborated with close friend and talented musician Gabe Gomez to create this coastal work of art. The sketches that ensued were destined to grace the cover of the upcoming Gomez album titled, “In my Island” due out in early September 2012. Alders describes his inspiration for the painting, “There is a place within that soothes and challenges every artist and musician at the core of our souls. Gabe refers to this as his island. This tranquil cove by the sea, is my rendition of that spiritual haven, where we go to create and just be.” Jay is thrilled to be a part of this project with Gabe and proud to see his talented singer-songwriter compadre share his acoustic music with the world.