“Star Crossed” – A Surrealistic Cosmic Painting by Jay Alders

planet passing in front of the sun

This surrealistic cosmic painting was created for the cover of the upcoming 2012 release of the band, Echo Movement titled “Love and the Human Outreach.  

“Star Crossed” captures a planet passing in front of a distant star. We recently experienced such a celestial event this past week with Venus passing in front of the Sun. This type of occurrence is one of the ways scientists find new planets.

When my friend Dave from the band told me how they were converting data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope into audio to be used in their new music, I knew this was going to be something really significant.  Dave is one of my closest friends, he and I nerd it out often for hours on end.  Our connection to the cosmos is one of the many topics which we both really are intrigued by.  So when we began discussing the possibility of me doing another album cover for them, I got really amped on the opportunity to do something different.

Cosmic surreal painting of a planet in front of a star

Working on this painting really pushed me to explore new subject matter. There is a lot of hidden surrealistic imagery in this piece which incorporates concepts conceived among Stephen, Dave and myself. We spent many countless hours on Skype meetings and calls before the piece even hit my easel.

A planet orbiting in front of the sun. A surrealistic painting by Alders

I am anxious to hear people’s reactions who get to see the artwork up close. There is a lot going on hidden in the flames of the star, much of which has to do with the album’s messages and some stuff that just came from my subconscious as I was painting.  I’d never painted a celestial scene in this way before and I found it really enjoyable to see how my painting style took to this piece.

Signed limited edition archival prints are available for purchase here. The original painting “Star Crossed” is also available, inquire for information.

Author: Jay Alders

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