Action News Jax Interviews Jay Alders – Hurricane Sandy Relief Artwork – Nov 27,2012

Action News reporter Kristen Sell stopped by Alders’s art studio today for an interview with the artist about his recent artwork dedicated to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Watch the interview below and read more on

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Local artist uses talents to help Sandy victims

 by Kristen Bell

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — From Jacksonville’s coast to the Jersey Shore, one local artist is using his talents to give back.

“It’s something that’s very hard to be away from,” said Jay Alders of the devastation.

Days after Superstorm Sandy pummeled the northeast, Jay Alders returned home to New Jersey to find much of his childhood twisted, uprooted and in ruins.

“It was sad to see these generational landmarks that I grew up with gone. Washed away, blown away,” he said.

In that moment, Alders decided he would do what he could to pay back all that this shoreline had given him.

“I wanted to do something good with the gifts I’ve been given so I decided to come up with some artwork that would help with this effort.”

He put brush to paper, electronically anyway, and created a design encompassing the shoreline, boardwalk and says it symbolizes rebuilding.

“The artwork itself is a seagull which is obviously an ocean bird pulling up the state of New Jersey from water.”

He’s putting it on shirts and giving every last penny of the proceeds to Rebuild, Recover — a New Jersey relief effort helping the city get back on its feet. The shirts aren’t even in yet, and already, he’s raised more than $8,000.

“I’m not able to be on the front lines with crowbars and hammers pulling things apart but I am able to do something. And I hope it is inspirational for people to know no matter what your talents or your gifts or situation or location we can all help.”

If you’d like to donate to the cause or purchase a shirt, go to

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