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GrindTV Feature: Collaboration With Sasha DiGiulian

Read the full article on GrindTV by writer: Jon Coen She is an International Federation of Sports Climbing world champ, the first North American woman to climb a French-rated 9a route (equivalent to a 5.14d rating in the U.S.) and also the first woman to free-climb “Magic Mushroom” in Switzerland’s Burmese Alps. She redpointed (free-climbing a route […]

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Vegan Lifestyle Magazine Feature

In the October 2016 (#33) Issue of Vegan Lifestyle Magazine  is a six page spread featuring artwork and a written piece by Jay Alders and longtime vegan.  The article in full can be read in the issue via iTunes or Google Play. See below for an except of the feature by Alders. By Jay Alders […]

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Interview with The Coast Star

Thanks to the Coast Star for running this multi-page feature and interview with me. Article by Adriana Shashaty. Fine artist, photographer and designer Jay Alders finds inspiration within himself and from all that surrounds him. Since childhood, he has found ways to pursue his passion forart, specifically painting. In kindergarten, Mr. Alders said, he discovered that if he […]

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Industry Magazine Feature – “Catch A Wave”

Summer, surfing, and the environment dominate the sea-themed work of a Garden State native who draws inspiration from his global adventures Jay Alders’ art career began in kindergarten when he sold transferable tattoos to classmates for pocket change. While other kids were hawking lemonade curbside, he was selling his art. By high school, Alders was […]

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Short Film: Behind the Scenes of “Rio Jam”

A behind the scenes glimpse into the historic 2007 Brazil tour that moved Jay Alders to paint “Rio Jam”. The 2 week surf art & music tour with Donavon Frankenreiter, ALO, G Love and Matt Costa helped to launch Jay Alders artwork across South America. Jay Alders narrates the story with real footage from the […]

Read More – Surf Art Spotlight on Jay Alders

When did you first start surfing? When I was around 17 I started surfing. Pretty much as soon as I got my drivers license and had the freedom to get to the beach whenever I wanted to, which was almost daily. What is it that you love about surfing and the ocean? Since I was […]

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TriCity News Celebrates Sea Zen Art Gallery & Experience by Jay Alders

September 16, 2014 – Thanks TriCity News for the 2nd Front Page Cover this month. This week’s issue features Artist Jay Alders with business partner and friend Jay Soares on the cover in front of the new soon to be built, Sea Zen Art Gallery by Jay Alders. The Art space will feature the artwork […]

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TriCity News – Cover Story – Artist Success Story

Sept 4, 2014-  Thanks TriCity News for the cover story featuring artist Jay Alders and his artist success story. Local artist reaches international audience and still supports local home town scene. On news stands now in New Jersey.

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Artist Interview on

HOW’S WORK, LIFE AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN? ARE YOU KEEPING WELL? Very good thank you. I am busy with work, travel and being creative and I am thoroughly enjoying fatherhood. My baby girl was born Oct 10, 2013 and watching her grow each day is the greatest gift ever. WE’RE LOVING YOUR LATEST WORK. A […]

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The Pier Magazine – Artist Interview – April 2014

April 2014: Check out a new interview and feature on, full article click here and seen below: Progressive Visual Artist: Jay Alders The dream of many artists is to make a living traveling to have their work on display for the world. Jason Alders lives his passion and dream of professional art, while doing it with a fervent […]

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SUPing Magazine – Artist Feature on Jay Alders

SUP’ing Magazine features a multi-page spread on artist Jay Alders in their latest issue. (En Español) Check it along with their great SUP news and Stand Up Paddle lifestyle articles. “Sea Zen of Tranquility” – Surf Art painting (Above right: Endless Summer Beauty – above right: Wading for the Sun) (Above left – Original Skateboard […]

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Conscious Connection Magazine Artist Interview

Heralded as the “Best Surf Artist of the Past Decade,” Jay Alders is an artist, globetrotter and Father-to-be who sat down with Conscious Connection to share his art, his connection with life and his advice for pursuing dreams. Conscious Connection: It’s great to be with you, Jay. Tell us how your mentality is shifting now that you’re becoming […]

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